ADHD Europe – ADHD and Sleep

ADHD Europe (Udruga Buđenje je članica ADHD Europe) organizira besplatni webinar na temu ADHD-a i spavanja. Webinar će se održati na engleskom jeziku i ovdje možete pročitati više o predavanju:
Sleeping well is a challenge if you have ADHD But why? More importantly, what can you do about it?
Prof. Dr. Sandra Kooij, professor of ADHD in adults, will sit down with our host Hans van de Velde to discuss questions like:
What is the late sleep phase in ADHD? Is ADHD actually a problem of the biological clock?
Melatonin and other medications – do or don’t? What is light therapy and is it useful?
If you want to attend, make sure to register now to receive updates about the event and take this opportunity to submit a question for Prof. Kooij.
Link za prijavu i više informacija možete naći ovdje.